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400 -8228-599

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400 -8228-599

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Address: No.32, Hetang Road, Luyang District Industrial Park,Hefei City, Anhui, China

Tel:0086-551-65661688 / 65661778 
Zip Code:230001

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Anhui Tianwei Instrument Co., Ltd. 

Company Profile

Company Profile

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Anhui Tianwei Instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional provider of flowmeter, situated at No.32, Hetang Road, Luyang Industrial Area, Hefei City, Anhui Province with covering 20,000m2. Our company is equipped with strong technical force, excellent processing equipment and advanced testing technology and specialized in scientific research, production, sales and service. It produces a variety of flowmeters which are widely used in trade settlement and accurate measurement for oil, chemical, environmental, metallurgy, electric power, transportation, foodstuff, pharmaceutical, military and scientific research.
Anhui Tianwei Instrument Co., Ltd. is principally engaged in research and development, production and sales of positive displacement flowmeter and speed flowmeter. With constant efforts and pursuit by Tianwei people, the “Tianwei” brand has topped to be a pacemaker in industry of flowmeter with its three positive displacement flagship products: screw double-rotor flowmeter, oval gear fowmeter and roots flowmeter, which are playing a leading role in petrochemical industry. We provide screw double-rotor flowmeter and oval gear fowmeter to Changqing Oil Field and Jianghan Oil Field in the long term while its roots flowmeter is selected as designated product of military industry in the northeast of China. 
Taking the constant purpose of “starting and keeping pace with the world”, we define us as a “professional provider of flowmeter”. 
Anhui Tianwei Instrument Co., Ltd. repays the society with the most precise products and best service. This is an eternal pursuit of Tianwei people. 
Keeping the faith of hard work, good governance, and considerable innovation, Tianwei people will keep striving for the rise of flowmeter industry all over the world. 
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