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Working Time

400 -8228-599

二維碼 郵箱
400 -8228-599

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Address: No.32, Hetang Road, Luyang District Industrial Park,Hefei City, Anhui, China

Tel:0086-551-65661688 / 65661778 
Zip Code:230001

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Anhui Tianwei Instrument Co., Ltd. 

Leader Speech

Leader Speech

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Leader Speech
Dear customers and friends:

The Anhui Tianwei Instrument Co., Ltd. is committed to the positive displacement and speed of flow meter R & D and production. With the most accurate products, the best service back to society, persistent pursuit of days-dimensional people!
God helps those who help themselves, Victoria by degrees, good governance, innovation, day dimension will be the future, strive for the development of the industry of the world flow meter!
Looking back, we grateful, thank the community to give our full support. In future, we are full of confidence and look forward to working with friends from all walks of life to join hands in creating a better tomorrow!