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400 -8228-599

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400 -8228-599

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Address: No.32, Hetang Road, Luyang District Industrial Park,Hefei City, Anhui, China

Tel:0086-551-65661688 / 65661778 
Zip Code:230001

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Anhui Tianwei Instrument Co., Ltd. 

Warm congratulations on the successful delivery of

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Warm congratulations on the successful delivery of

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In October 2016, our company successfully delivered spiral double rotor flowmeter used in our army aircraft carrier supply ship fuel metering system, the delivery of large flow using double spiral rotor flowmeter, both the accuracy, quality, or other technology in the same industry in the way ahead. This product is widely used in aviation, petroleum, chemical industry, military industry and other industries. The acceptance of the success and delivery of the use of marks in the military field, I also a major breakthrough in the field.