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400 -8228-599

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Address: No.32, Hetang Road, Luyang District Industrial Park,Hefei City, Anhui, China

Tel:0086-551-65661688 / 65661778 
Zip Code:230001

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Anhui Tianwei Instrument Co., Ltd. 

The company organization staff heaven village tour

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The company organization staff heaven village tour

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In order to enrich everyone's spare life, edify sentiment, the company in 2014, during the May 1st Labour Day holiday organization everyone a two-day luan heaven village tour.
The trip we were visited the grand canyon, charming strange rocks landscape, fairy cave, waterfalls, jianghuai watershed, etc.
In the tourism, everyone played a helping each other, the spirit of unity and friendship among warmer days d this big family! More full of hope!
The company organization staff heaven village tour
Day dinstrument employees heaven village as a souvenir
The company
Kong Qingsheng general manager to lead everyone to take the lead on the top of the mountain